134 Couples Using Same-Sex Partnership Systems Across Japan

On October 31st, Nijiiro Diversity released the latest statistics regarding the usage of same-sex partnership systems that have been implemented in six municipalities across Japan.

Number of Couples Using Same-Sex Partnership Systems by Region (October 2017)

134 Couples (+8)
TokyoSetagaya Ward56 Couples (+2)
TokyoShibuya Ward24 Couples (+3)
Mie PrefectureIga City4 Couples
Hyogo PrefectureTakarazuka City0 Couples
Okinawa PrefectureNaha City18 Couples (+1)
HokkaidoSapporo City32 Couples (+2)

(Note: The graphic indicates that the numbers include one couple from Sapporo that is legally considered opposite sex.)

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