Fukuoka to Become Second Major City to Recognize Same-Sex Couples in April 

Fukuoka City has finalized its plans to introduce a “same-sex partnership system” beginning in the next fiscal year. The system will require couples to sign and submit a written oath in exchange for a Receipt of Oath. The city plans to begin accepting applications from April 1st.

When the system is implemented, Fukuoka City will become the second major city in Japan to recognize same-sex partnership after Sapporo and the second city in the Kyushu/Okinawa region to do so after Naha. Applicants must live in or have plans to move to Fukuoka and must be legally single to apply. They must also present their Certificate of Residence and Affidavit of Competency to Marry.

The Receipt of Oath is not a legally-binding document, but in the six municipalities where such documents have become available, there has been a move by some hospitals and businesses to treat same-sex couples as spouses and allow them to share health insurance benefits. The city is also looking into establishing consultation services for LGBT residents.

In response to demands made by LGBT-related organizations, Fukuoka Mayor Takashima Souichiro said in September of last year, “In order to realize a society that accepts diversity, we are looking into establishing support for sexual minorities including a partnership system.”

Source – 同性カップル認証へ 来年度導入

  • いり

    entering; setting (of the sun); containing; content; audience; income; beginning

  • しお

    counter for soakings (of fabric in a dye)

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