Survey Reveals 1 in 3 Japanese LGBTQ High School Students Have Self-Harmed

The results of a survey into the reality of LGBT prejudice and bullying administered to around 10,000 high school students were revealed on March 19. The survey was conducted by the Mie Prefecture Gender Equality Planning Center and Takarazuka University Nursing Science Department Professor Yasuharu Hidaka. Around 10,000 students attending Mie prefectural public high schools were surveyed. There were six major takeaways from the survey.

1. Of the 10,000 students surveyed, 10% identified as LGBTQ.

・2.8% (281 students) identified as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)

・5.0% (508 students) said they hadn’t decided or were unsure of their gender identity (X-Gender)

・2.1% (214 students) said they are uncertain of their sexual orientation.

2.  Of the LGBTQ respondents, 1 in 3 had self-harmed.

In response to the statement “I have harmed myself on purpose,” 12.0% of non-LGBTQ respondents agreed, while 31.7 LGBTQ respondents agreed.

In response to other statements such as “I have been so angry that I have broken things,” and “I have had feelings that everything will turn out terribly,” the number of LGBTQ respondents who agreed with these statements was higher than that of non-LGBTQ identifying individuals.

3. LGBTQ respondents reported higher rates of bullying than non-LGBTQ respondents.

The survey divided types of bullying into subcategories, such as “experiences of punching, kicking, yelling, threats,” “being ignored or left out,” and so on. LGBTQ students reported higher instances of bullying in all categories.

29.3% of LGBTQ respondents reported being called girly or manly, or names like homo, okama, or lez. 9.7% of non-LGBTQ respondents also reported similar instances.

4. 1 in 5 LGBTQ respondents were unaware of the terms “LGBT” and “Sexual Minority.”

When asked “Do you know the terms LGBT and Sexual Minority?63.2% of LGBTQ respondents and 44.7% of non-LGBT respondents answered that they do.

On the other hand, among the students who identified as LGBTQ in other questions, 18.4% said that they know of the term but don’t know the meaning, and 17.8% responded that they know neither the word nor the meaning.

5. About half of the LGBTQ respondents reported that they feel prejudice from those around them.

Of the LGBTQ respondents, 47.7% of respondents agreed with the statement “I feel that most people around me are prejudiced against sexual minorities,” versus 34.9% of non-LGBTQ respondents.

6. 9 out of 10 LGBTQ respondents stated that they hadn’t spoken about sexual minorities with anyone.

While 7.7% of LGBTQ respondents stated that they had spoken to someone about the topic of sexual minorities, the vast majority, 87.8%, reported not having spoken about such topics with anyone.

Additionally, only 36.9% of LGBTQ respondents agreed with the statement “school is place where I feel comfortable,” and 46.8% answered, “I have a friend or teacher whom I can rely on during difficult times.”

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Source – LGBTの高校生、3人に1人が「自傷経験あり」。1万人調査で分かったこと

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