349 Couples Using Partnership Systems Across Japan

Nijiiro Diversity has released the latest statistics regarding the usage of partnership systems that have been implemented in eleven municipalities across Japan.

Number of Couples Using Partnership Systems by Region (January 31, 2018)

Total349 couples
Tokyo MetropolisShibuya Ward31 couples
Tokyo MetropolisSetagaya Ward81 couples
Mie PrefectureIga City4 couples
Hyogo PrefectureTakarazuka City3 couples
Okinawa PrefectureNaha City28 couples
Hokkaido PrefectureSapporo City61 couples
Fukuoka PrefectureFukuoka City37 couples
Osaka PrefectureOsaka City79 couples
Tokyo MetropolisNakano Ward18 couples
Gunma PrefectureOizumi0 couples
Chiba PrefectureChiba City7 couples
※In Sapporo City, Fukuoka City, Osaka City, and Chiba City, couples who are opposite sex according to their family registry are also allowed to use the systems.

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