What is Nijiiro News?

Nijiiro News is a blog containing translated news articles and original resources related to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and GSM (gender and sexual minorities) in Japan. Niji iro means “rainbow-colored” in Japanese.

I started this website in 2014 as a way to reach out to LGBTQ / GSM expats in Japan, providing English-language resources and writing about my personal observations and experiences.

In early 2015, the conversation surrounding GSM in Japan began to attract media attention, and I became interested in providing English stories related to the advancement of the rights of these marginalized groups.

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You can contact me at ≫ rei@nijiironews.com

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How to Navigate This Site

The posts on Nijiiro News are separated into two categories:

BLOG –  Original articles, reviews, announcements and other miscellaneous posts

NEWS – English articles about LGBT / GSM in Japan sourced

Resources Page

Original resources and educational posts have been organized for easier navigation on the RESOURCES page.