Japanese Ministry of Justice Releases “Human Rights Public Awareness Video” Explaining LGBTQ

This morning, I came across a wonderful video resource titled “Living As Yourself – Sexual Minorities and Human Rights” (あなたがあなたらしく生きるために・性的マイノリティと人権), which was recently created by the Ministry of Justice with the aim of increasing public awareness about LGBTQ people.

The host and Takarazuka University Professor Hitaka-Sensei give clear and easy to understand descriptions of the differences between LGBTQ and also give other statistics about the estimated percentage of LGBTQ people in Japan, discriminatory terms, suicide rates, and the difficulty of adults to come out to their families, friends, and coworkers. There are also two brief dramatizations, one regarding a transgender middle school girl dealing with bullying, and another with a gay office worker trying to keep his sexuality a secret at work. The second dramatization is exactly the kind of thing that I was talking about in one of my previous posts, “Expat and Gay in Japan: Living in the Closet“. I’m really happy to see government created resources like this, and with the recent victory in Shibuya, there couldn’t be a better time! Check out the video below and share it where possible!

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