LDP: “We have a duty to facilitate the understanding of LGBT”

The Liberal Democratic Party has turned it attention toward eliminating discrimination towards Lesbian, Gay and other sexual minorities, claiming it is “the government’s obligation” to create understanding amongst the nation’s citizens, and has created an outline for such legislation.

LDP Chairman Inada-

We should move to create an open minded society where it is unnecessary for LGBT to have to come out, and where diversity is accepted.”

According to the plan drafted by the LDP, regarding “the gender an individual is romantically attracted to” and “an individual’s sexual identity”, “it is the government’s obligation to implement a policy to deepen understanding among the nation’s citizens”. The current goal is for a bill to be submitted at the next congressional meeting. Futhermore, the LDP is consolidating requests it has recieved, and is seeking the guidance of workplaces and schools as to avoid unreasonable treatment.


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