Short Animation for Japanese LGBT Teenagers Moves Viewers to Tears

withnews 2016/8/26

A popular new video targeted to LGBT teenagers is being called “heartbreaking” and “tear-jerking”. It’s the story of a boy keeping a secret about the one he loves, but it is garnering sympathy even among those who aren’t LGBT. 

To LGBT Teenagers Who Fall in Love

The video, called Kakushin (確信, conviction), is a 3 minute and 25 second animation created by the organization Yaruki Ari Mi (やる気あり美). The subtitle of the video reads, For LGBT teenagers who fall in love (恋する10代LGBTへ).

The story starts when God appears before a gay boy.


“God told me ‘There is another in your class who is gay just like you. If you find out who it is, you can go out with them’ ”

The boy starts to infer as to who it might be, but he begins to question everyone.


Could it be the boy who told him “If you were a girl, I’d go out with you”?


Or the one who happily said “Yes! We’re sitting together again” when the desks were rearranged?


Or perhaps, the one who complimented him, saying “You definitely look better when you smile”?

Then, God gives the boy a feather.

“Once you’ve made your choice, if you stroke him once with this feather, the truth will be revealed.

The boy makes his decision. It’s definitely got to be this guy. “He only opens up to me, and we’re very close.” At least that what he wished.


After school he stokes his friend’s arm with the feather, but nothing happens. The feather, and God, both disappear.

The song continues on like so:

“If it’s not him, then who?

I searched but it was meaningless
The only one I liked was him
Anyone else would be no good

I’ll keep this love to myself
We’ll stay friends just like this
Even though he doesn’t love me, I still like him
Even though he makes me think he does

Flaunting those eyes, those hands, those words
without even realizing it”

The last scene takes place at a graduation ceremony.



“I want to stay with you”

Until the end, the boy’s object of affection continues his insinuating behavior. The main character is screaming on the inside.

But he swallows the pain, and parts with his friend with an energetic “Take care!”


Love is Not Shameful or Wrong

Kakushin was released at the end of March 2016, and has already garnered over 90,000 views (※Note: over 100,000 at the time of this translation) and is being called “heartbreaking” and “tear jerking”. We listened to what the members of the group Yaruki Ari Mi had to say about the work.

The two representatives of the organization, Oota Naoki (27) and Inoue Ryo (33) are openly gay.

Oota states

We discussed with the other members what we wish we could tell our teenaged selves. At that time, I felt that my love was shameful and wrong. I wanted to tell them that developing feelings of love is pure and beautiful.

The creation of the video was supervised entirely by Oota, and the music and animation was handled by Inoue.

Inoue is an artist that currently works on the TV program Bijuchuun! (NHK・Eテレ), which introduces works of music and animation.

It should be noted that part of the fist half of the video, where “everyone was suspect” (of being gay), is based on real experiences.

To gay people, straight men can have many insinuating behaviors. The group has created 6 second long GIFs featuring commonly heard suggestive phrases and introduced them on their homepage as ” ‘Suggestive things straight boys say‘ GIF Gallery“.

Oota says that since the release of the video, “Even non-LGBT people are calling the video ‘heart breaking”.

They have received such responses as

“I could identify with the character, and I cried”

“I realized that feelings of love are the same whether you’re LGBT or not”

and so on.

Relaying a Personal Experience That Really Hits Home

The most important thing for Yaruki Ari Mi is to relay a personal experience that really hits home.

As of now, the group’s main activities are conducted through their website, where they are releasing articles about LGBT created to make you laugh, but might also force you to think.

Oota states,

“I think it’s wrong to try and change people’s awareness of LGBT by just persuading them that ‘this is how to correctly understand LGBT people’. To make others truly believe ‘we should accept LGBT people’, I think we should invoke empathy through laughter and stir their emotions by relaying emotionally touching personal experiences.”

He continues,

For example, Matsuko Deluxe is well-loved in society, but there are many other LGBT people. I want society to be one where many types of LGBT people can be accepted.

For that purpose, he is creating emotionally touching works.

The members of the organization are mostly gay, making many of their works deal with the gay experience, but they plan on introducing more works dealing with lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual minorities.

Inoue sang Kakushin live for the first time this past June. About one hundred twenty attendees sang along with him.

Though his appearances on TV, Inoue has a number of fans, many of which are children.

Inoue, speaking happily,  said “It was my goal that young children would sing along loudly”.

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