Urasoe City, Okinawa to Declare Support for LGBT

On September 7th, Matsumoto Tetsuji, the mayor of Urasoe City, made public the city’s plans to declare support for LGBT individuals. According to the city, it is the second in Okinawa to do so, following Naha City’s declaration in July of 2015. The city plans to make its formal declaration on January 1st of next year.

Mayor Matsumoto said, “In order to create a society where all human rights are respected, we want to promote the creation of (LGBT friendly) policies in schools and workplaces in the region through the declaration of Urasoe City’s respect for diversity”. He expressed hope that the movement would spread understanding of LGBT individuals.

The funding for the effort to increase LGBT public awareness will come from a “benefit-your-locality” tax scheme. The information included in the declaration will be created through the efforts of a committee comprised of LGBT individuals, businesses, and local residents.

Source – 浦添市がLGBT支援宣言へ 沖縄県内2例目、来年1月1日検討

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