Nine Same-Sex Couples Register in First Two Months of Naha’s “Partnership System”

Since the implementation of Naha City’s “Partnership Registration System”, which officially recognizes same-sex couples, nine couples have registered between July 11 and September 29. This November, the city will host a diversity symposium. It will be the first time the city has sponsored such an event.

At the general interpellation of the regular meeting on September 29th, Chief of the General Affairs Kuba Tatsumori answered questions. He gave further details regarding the event in response to questions from Furugen Shigeji.

The symposium will be held on November 11 and 12 at the Prefectural Museum. Hawaii Supreme Court Judge Sabrina McKenna, who is openly gay, will give the keynote speech, and panel discussions are also being planned.

Source – 同性カップル2カ月で9組登録 那覇市のパートナーシップ制度

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