Kansai Rainbow Parade: A Celebration of Gender and Sexual Diversity

Kansai Rainbow Parade, a celebration of gender and sexual diversity, was held on Saturday, October 8th in Osaka City. About 750 people marched though the downtown area. Holding rainbow flags and umbrellas, they appealed for awareness of a variety of people, including those who “like the same sex” or “have a gender disorder”.

First-time participant Ritsumeikan University Freshman Tainaka Hirono (20), said that the gender one comes to like “cannot be chosen”. There was a time when she had built a wall around herself, but said “Today, I could be myself, so I had fun”. Marching next to her, Korean exchange student Chan Ye Jin (20) said, “I want society to become one where sexual minorities aren’t treated differently.”

Around 5000 people gathered at Ogimachi Park, the starting and finishing point of the parade, where song and dance exhibitions were held and over 50 booths in consideration to sexual minorities and with themes such as health or travel were lined up.

Eight volunteer staff members from Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, carried out a survey for sexual minorities inquiring about their troubles and the type of support they need. Ogata Yuu of the Social Welfare Department (25) said, “We would like [the voices of sexual minorities] to have an influence on the local administration.”

Source – 大阪)性の多様性祝い「関西レインボーパレード」

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