Yokohama Diversity Parade – Marching With a Smile

With the goal of realizing a more diverse society, sexual minorities and their supporters took to the streets of Yokohama for Yokohama Diversity Parade, held on October 15. Under clear skies, about 385 people marched through areas such as Motomachi, Chinatown, and near Yamashita Park.  

Last Autumn, an event supporting LGBT individuals was held over two days, but this year, the plan was changed and a parade was implemented. The purpose of the event was decided and managed by an executive committee comprised of members gathered through SNS. To allow people to know that sexual minorities are among them, a theme of the event was “we are here”.

Furukawa Ryousuke (33) and Shichizaki Ryousuke (28), a same-sex couple who had just held a ceremony this week, participated in their wedding reception outfits. Delighted by the congratulations they received from the spectators, they expressed “As the recognition of LGBT people spreads, we want society to become one were we won’t need to have such parades”.

Yanari Kazuaki (42) a business manager making efforts to offer support for job hunting LGBT individuals, attended with his 6 year old daughter. “There are many kinds of people and many kinds of happiness. I wanted allow her to experience this even though she is young”, he said with a smile.

Takki (24), the representative of the executive committee, expressed their hope, saying “Since the port of Yokohama was opened, it has come to accept diversity. I want it to become a place where sexual minorities can live regularly.”

Source – <LGBT>「横浜ダイバーシティパレード」笑顔で練り歩く

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