Japanese Companies Evaluated, Awarded for Efforts to Create LGBT-Friendly Workplaces

With the hope of creating workplaces which are LGBT-friendly, NPO groups and other related organizations evaluated various companies work environments and held a commemoration event. 

NPOs and other related organizations supporting LGBT individuals gathered around 600 human resource staff from companies nationwide in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. At the event, panel discussion were held, and LGBT participants raised concerns such as “If I officially announce I am LGBT, I worry that rather than making my work life easier, it may become more difficult, so I’m worried about whether or not I should do so.”

After this, the valuations of 80 companies based on 5 indexes such as “public awareness activities”, “human resources systems”, and so on were announced. In addition, an internet life insurance company which donated to libraries books related to LGBT was commemorated for its contribution to spreading LGBT understanding in society.

Kawakami Asako, director of good aging yells, one of the main sponsors of this event, said “I think that if companies change, society will begin to change as well, so I want to make an effort to create LGBT-friendly work environments.”

Companies Advancing LGBT Support

At the event, a Tokyo-based internet health insurance company’s “Rainbow Photo Project” initiative was commemorated. First, participants at LGBT-related events have their photos taken for ¥100. Saving that money, the organization purchases LGBT related publications and donates them to libraries around the country. 1700 people were photographed over one year, and publications were purchased and donated to libraries in Okinawa and Mie Prefecture. They are also considering donating books to schools in the future.

In addition, the company holds a meeting once a week to to discuss what it can do to support LGBT people. On October 19, they discussed the content of the yearly sensitivity training for all employees.

Furthermore, within the company, rainbow flags have been placed around the office with the intention of expressing support for LGBT people. One male employee who had a rainbow flag at his desk said, “I think that through doing these kinds of things, we can create a society where anyone can live vividly.”

Kawagoe Ayumi, Manager at Lifenet Life Insurance management strategy main office, said, “I think it’s meaningful to make visible our stance on (LGBT) support. Creating a workplace that is friendly to (sexual) minorities creates a workplace that is friendly for everyone, so we would like to continue to make efforts.”

Source – LGBTが働きやすい職場環境を 企業を表彰する催し

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