Osaka’s Yodogawa Ward Launches First-Ever LGBT Awareness Poster Campaign

Yodogawa Ward in Osaka City is unique in that it became the first municipality in Japan to declare support for LGBT individuals back in 2013. And according to a recent article published by the Japan Times, it appears that Yodogawa Ward is positioned as a municipal model on LGBT rights due to the various ways in which the local government has worked to create a more comfortable environment for LGBT citizens to live in and for the ward’s contributions to creating LGBT awareness in Japan.

Now, Yodogawa Ward has created the nation’s first-ever LGBT poster campaign. These illustrated posters convey the struggles that LGBT individuals face in their daily lives and deliver the message in a way that people who may not be particularly concerned about the issues can understand. The posters use a friendly design in an attempt to appeal to those who may have trouble putting themselves in the shoes of LGBT individuals.

I’ve compiled and translated the posters for your enjoyment below. I hope that these spread around Japan or that other municipalities take interest and come up with their own campaigns.

You can view the original press release on Yodogawa Ward’s website, as well as view all of the posters in full-size PDF format!

Images and details courtesy of Yodogawa Ward’s Website→ 全国初!LGBT(性的マイノリティ)の方々が抱える社会課題をまとめた啓発展示パネル完成!

Additional Information courtesy of Asahi Shinbun Online →僕には彼氏、言えない… LGBTの悩み、パネルで表現

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