Urasoe City, Okinawa Declares Support For LGBT, Raises Rainbow Flag

Ryukyu Shimpo 2017/1/4

On the morning of January 4th, the city of Urasoe raised a rainbow flag, the symbol of sexual diversity, in front of city hall. At the ceremony corresponding with the first day of work in the new year, Mayor Matsumoto Tetsuzi read the “Rainbow City Urasoe Declaration”, designating the city as one that accepts sexual diversity.

The declaration was dated January 1st. The statement also included that “everyone must be respected regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Recognizing these differences and protecting human rights will lead to a peaceful and enriched society.”

The declaration was drafted with the help of LGBT individuals. They strongly appealed for eliminating prejudice and discrimination, claiming that “each and every person matters” and “we should allow everyone to be able to shine as brightly as the sun”.

The city will now focus on conducting LGBT awareness activities at schools and so on. The funds for these activities will be drawn from the “benefit your locality” tax program.

Original Article – 性の多様性尊重を宣言 浦添市が虹色旗掲揚
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