Japanese-Language LGBT Resource Roundup

Over the past few years, the amount of information in Japanese about LGBT related topics in Japan has exploded, with internet resources being no exception.

While some of the biggest news stories can be found simply by plugging ‘LGBT’ or other related keywords into Japanese search engines, today I’d like to introduce some interesting and useful resources that I consistently check up on for research or entertainment. 

The following resources are completely in Japanese, because what better way to learn about the concerns of LGBT people in Japan than in the native tongue?

Some of the terminology can be complicated, so an instant translation browser plugin such as rikai-chan/rikai-kun might come in handy.

Buzzfeed Japan LGBT

Buzzfeed Japan has been publishing domestic stories about LGBT as well as translating select stories from its English-language edition since it went live in early 2016.

They’ve recently announced that from now until May 9th, the site will be publishing LGBT-related articles and content coinciding with their participation in Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017, which will be held on May 6th and 7th.

Lettibee Life 

Lettibee Life is a Japanese news site that consistently publishes high quality articles related to domestic and international LGBT-related news, reviews and media commentary, interviews with important Japanese LGBT figures, and more.

The site shines in its effort to provide otherwise unavailable international LGBT news to Japanese readers.

やる気あり美 (Yaruki Arimi)

Readers of Takurei’s Room might remember Yaruki Arimi from a previous article about their animation “Kakushin”. The video went viral due to the portrayal of a gay boy’s struggle to find love with playful animation and a catchy song.

The NPO has continued its activities, and has been hosting a weekly streaming program called「ゲイ、正直にモテたい」(Gei, Shoujiki Ni Motetai). The program acted primarily as a lighthearted talk show, with the two self-deprecating hosts doling out dating advice for “gays who want to be popular”.

The group also has a podcast titled 「そうだ!ゲイにカミングアウト」(Sou Da! Gei ni Kaminguauto), in which they discuss listener-submitted questions and topics related not only to sexuality and dating, but also family or other life struggles.

I hope enjoy these resources whether its for your own reading, research or language study.

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