Setagaya Ward Announces Same-Sex Partnership Milestone; 50 Couples Registered

It has been announced that 50 couples have registered using the same-sex partnership system in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. The ward plans to continue to advance its policies to create a comfortable living environment for LGBT individuals.

Setagaya Ward, which has been conducting efforts to support LGBT individuals, was the first municipality in the nation to introduce a system that recognizes marriages between same-sex couples in November 2015 (Note: Shibuya Ward also introduced their system on the same day).

According to the system, same-sex partners can receive recognition of their relationship by submitting a written oath. The system has been gaining popularity, and the ward has revealed that as of the end of April, 50 couples have registered.

Setagaya Ward, in order to continue in its efforts to create a comfortable environment for LGBT people to live, is working to allow same-sex couples to live in municipally-owned housing. However, citing “insufficient awareness among residents”, representatives of the ward stated that deliberations are being conducted with ward assemblypersons, and initiatives are underway to promote LGBT awareness.

Wakabayashi Kazuo, head of Setagaya Ward’s Human Rights and Gender Equality Department, stated, “We will continue our efforts to create an environment where LGBT people can live comfortably.”

Source – 同性カップルを結婚相当 世田谷区の制度 50組100人利用

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