Over 100,000 Attend Tokyo Rainbow Pride; Appeal for LGBT-Inclusive Society

Over two days on May 6th and 7th, an estimated 105,000 individuals attended Tokyo Rainbow Pride to appeal for the creation of a society where LGBT individuals are respected and can live happily.

5000 participated in a parade on May 7th, where couples held hands and carried signs with phrases such as “I want to marry who I love”, “You don’t have to bend over backwards”, and so on.

House of Representatives member Ikeuchi Saori of the Japanese Communist Party and House of Councilors lawmaker Yamazoe Taku also participated.

Writer and transgender activist Hatakeno Tomato (51) held a sign reading ‘trans power’. They explained, “It means that when transgender individuals come together, they can create change. I want to stand up and make a strong appeal.”

Niwa Erisa of the steering committee for Rainbow Reel Tokyo, a film festival featuring films with LGBT themes, said “A gay junior of mine took their own life, and even now I think about what I could have done to help. I want society to become more accepting of LGBT individuals.”

Members of The Japan Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations and the National Youth Judicial Scrivener Council marched as well. One member stated, “As the institutions of the world are based on heterosexuality, many of these systems cannot be utilized by LGBT people. I’m participating in hope that we can make legal consultation and services more accessible to make it easier for families and gender and sexually diverse individuals to live comfortably.

Source – LGBT認められる社会に/東京レインボープライド 10.5万人参加

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