LGBT In Japan Pride Month Reading Roundup

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, we’ve prepared a roundup of our best original posts and translated articles that offer insight into the history, experiences, and progress of gender and sexual minorities in Japan.

Please enjoy, and have a happy and safe LGBT Pride Month!

On Work

Finding, Keeping Work A Struggle for LGBT People in Japan

Employment discrimination remains a struggle for many LGBT individuals.

 LGBT People in Japan Find Themselves Outed, Ridiculed, and Stereotyped by Coworkers

Misconceptions and prejudices remain a burden for LGBT workers.

Japan’s First Ever ‘Pride Index’ Awards 53 Companies ‘Gold’ Rank

Japanese companies are awarded for their efforts to extend equal rights to all employees and foster LGBT awareness.

On Coming Out

Is it okay to ask “Are you gay?” – Kitamaru Yuji On Coming Out in Japan

Kitamaru Yuji, one of the first journalists in Japan to report on the American  gay liberation movement in the 80’s, gives his thoughts about the difficulty of coming out in Japan. 

On Homophobia

No, there has never been same-sex marriage in Japan

Instances of gender and sexual fluidity in traditional Japanese culture have created a notion of Japanese society as being tolerant and accepting of LGBT individuals. The modern reality is not that simple. 

On Activism

Otsuka Takashi, Pioneer of the 90’s Gay Boom, on LGBT Progress in Japan

Otsuka Takashi reflects on the LGBT movements of the past and how to keep the momentum going.

“LGBT people grant marriage its utmost shine” – Otsuka Takashi on the Importance of Same-Sex Marriage in Japan

Otsuka Takashi talks about possible backlash to the LGBT rights movement and why equal marriage rights are so important.

On Outreach

“You’re not alone” – LGBT Youths Address Students at School Visits

NPO groups address the shortcomings in Japan’s public school curriculum, teaching students about gender and sexual diversity.

Osaka’s Yodogawa Ward Launches First-Ever LGBT Awareness Poster Campaign

One city has begun spreading awareness of the struggles of life as an sexual and gender minority.

On Representation

Japanese Transgender Idol Unit “SECRET GUYZ” Overcome Gender Boundaries

An idol group composed of 3 female to male transgender individuals hopes to spread LGBT awareness through visibility.

Japanese Idol Group “Tacoyaki Rainbow” Sing LGBT Diversity; Progress or Pandering?

As the movement for equality continues to draw headlines, Japanese companies have been quick to reach for the rainbow flag. But what are their true intentions?

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