YouTube Japan Compiles “Pride Playlist” of Educational LGBT Videos

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, YouTube Japan has compiled a ‘Pride Playlist’ of 20 videos that offer insight about being LGBT in Japan.

The playlist is compiled for Japanese audiences with the idea of creating awareness, and as a result, all but three of the videos do not have English subtitles. However, for those of you learning Japanese, these videos are a good opportunity to hear how LGBT topics are spoken about in Japanese.


Pride Playlist

  1. Otsuji Kanako’s Same-sex Wedding Ceremony (L)
  2. Shibuya Street Interview! Coming Out as FtM Transgender (T)
  3. Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017 Parade (LGBT)
  4. You went to your class reunion after transitioning? (T)
  5. (SUBS) Differences Give Life Color! – Sugiyama Fumino TEDxNagoyaU (LGBT)
  6. How My Mindset Has Changed Since Being Come Out To (T)
  7. Ishizaka Wataru – The Challenges of creating legislation for Sexual Minorities in Nakano Ward (LGBT)
  8. Japanese Gay Couple Who Got Married in Canada (G)
  9. Transgender Couple Wedding (T)
  10. Lesbian Wedding at Tokyo Disneyland (L)
  11. Takuya and Seiya Are in Love – Gay Wedding at Aoyama Reception Hall (G)
  12. Youth Talk 04 – Ishikawa Taiga Opening Remarks (G)
  13. Things I’m often asked as a Bisexual (B)
  14. Transgender – From Coming Out to Parents to Their Understanding (T)
  15. (SUBS) LGBT in JAPAN – WHAT PROBLEMS and SUCCESSES do Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender have in Japan? (LGBT)
  16. On the Topic of GID – Formerly Identifying as FtM –  (T)
  17. Gender Identity Disorder – LGBT Support Shimizu Hiroto, His mother, and His Family (T)
  18. Living as a Woman is Fun – LGBT Activist Nishihara Satsuki (T)
  19. A Gay Man Asks A Transgender Man About His Circumstances (G)(T)
  20. (SUBS) LGBT Topics: Educate Yourself Before Educating Others  (LGBT)

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