Bank of the Ryukyus to Allow Joint Home Loans for Same-Sex Couples

Bank of The Ryukyus have announced that from August 1, same-sex couples will be allowed to apply for joint home loans. This is the first bank in Okinawa Prefecture and second nationwide to extend the service to same-sex couples. This precedent was set by Mizuho Bank, which became the first in Japan to allow joint home loans for same-sex couples in early July. 

Joint home loans are useful in that they allow a couple to combine their annual income in order to increase the amount that they are allowed to borrow. Regarding the bank’s efforts to implement an equal system that benefits sexual minorities, Kameshima Takashi, an assistant in the Sales Management Department, explained “We wanted to create an environment where many customers are comfortable coming in for a consultation.”

The change is primarily aimed at couples taking advantage of a “registered partnership” system. Such a system is currently only offered to same-sex couples in Naha City, but Kameshima stated that couples will be treated flexibly on a “case to case basis”.

Source – 同性カップル、連帯債務OK 琉銀、来月から対象拡大 県内地銀で初

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