Toyoake City, Aichi Declares Support for LGBT

On August 22, the city of Toyoake in Aichi Prefecture declared its support for sexual minorities and made a “Living Alongside LGBT Declaration”.

This is the first municipality in Aichi Prefecture to do so.

Following an inquiry to the city council last year requesting that the city create support for LGBT individuals, the declaration was created as a first measure.

Mayor Kobuke Masayoshi, who read the the declaration at Toyoake City Hall, stated “It is said that sexual minorities make up 7~8% of the population. We would like to do what we can for these individuals.”

In addition to the declaration, the city also revealed that it is collaborating with the Nagoya-based NPO ASTA (NPO法人アスタ) on a project aimed at facilitating further understating of sexual minorities.

Kubo Masaru (23) of ASTA said that, “I hope that these kinds of efforts continue to spread.”

The city is planning to introduce consultation services for public organizations and support groups, in addition to lectures about LGBT for citizens. Films featuring LGBT protagonists are planned to be screened at the city’s “Gender Equality Festa” (男女共同参画フェスタ) which will be held on October 21 at Toyoake City Hall.

Source – 豊明市が「LGBT支援」宣言

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