Niigata Organization Releases Manga Featuring LGBT Experiences

The Niigata City-based LGBT support group Niigata LGBT Love 1 peace has released a booklet called Diverse People, Diverse Minds, which features the experiences and struggles of its members during their school days in easy to understand comics. The group hopes that the booklet will help readers learn how to treat others without prejudice.

The booklet is A5-sized and 34 pages long. The stories are categorized into 4 sections such as lesbian and gay and recount the experiences of the group’s members during their school days, such as being teased or subjected to discriminatory language by teachers. The book also contains notes on how to best treat others in such situations.

One example introduced in the pamphlet is that of a transgender elementary school student who doesn’t like undressing in front of others for their physical examination being told, “Gross, you look like a girl” by their peers. The book notes, “Everyone is different, so it’s important not to call others gross or other things. Let’s consider how we treat others.”

Love 1 Peace representative Takahashi Yoshio (35) acted as editor of the booklet, while another representative, Ms. Ayaka (28) was in charge of the manga.

Mr. Takahashi stated “Diverse People, Diverse Minds, was created with the idea that everyone is unique and that it’s okay to be so. I would like for this booklet to be placed in school infirmaries and used when teaching children about LGBT.”

1 copy costs ¥700, and there is a ¥500 discount for purchasing 10 copies or more. Please send inquiries to Love 1 peace at

Source – 偏見なくすヒントに新潟 LGBT団体が冊子発行
Image – Love 1 Peace

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