Koshigaya City to Revise Forms in Consideration of Sexual Minorities

Koshigaya City in Saitama Prefecture announced that in consideration for sexual minorities, it will begin to revise how an individual’s sex is indicated on official forms. 

According to the city, after an inquiry into 80 departments, it was confirmed that 317 forms ask an individual to indicate their sex. After a review of current laws and ordinances, the city concluded that it is possible to revise 165 of these forms.

Conventional forms ask individuals to check a column indicating if they are male or female, but 3 forms have already been revised, by removing the column all together, allowing a blank space where an answer can be written in, or by allowing an individual a “choose not to answer” option.

Of the other 162 forms, the city plans to amend current laws and regulations to conduct the revision of 127 forms during the current fiscal year. The city hopes to revise the remaining 35 forms during the next fiscal year, pending a budgetary review.

Source – 越谷市、書類165件の性別欄見直し 性的少数者に配慮

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