Fukuoka City Same-Sex Partnership, LGBT Support Under Consideration

On September 14, the city of Fukuoka announced that it is considering implementing a “partnership system” recognizing same-sex couples. According to the city, it is the first in Kyushu to do so. At the city council session, Mayor Takashima Souichirou expressed, “We are taking steps toward providing complete support for sexual minorities.”

Public support for sexual minorities began in 2015 with Shibuya Ward in Tokyo issuing for the first time certificates recognizing same-sex relationships as equivalent to marriage. Couples possessing this certificate can apply to live in municipally-owned housing, which is usually reserved for families. Similar systems have been introduced in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, Iga City in Mie, Takarazuka City in Hyogo, Naha City in Okinawa, and Sapporo City in Hokkaido.

Fukuoka City will use these municipalities as a reference in considering how to implement its own same-sex couple certification system and other measures of support. The city also plans to consult directly with sexual minorities.

Fukuoka City is preparing to host the Rugby World Cup 2019, and expects to see an increase in the number of foreign visitors. Mayor Takashima stated “It is important show that we accept diversity.”

Source – 福岡市がLGBT支援策 九州初導入検討 同性カップルに証明

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