Sapporo City to Introduce “LGBT-Friendliness Index”, Evaluate Local Workplaces

On September 25, Sapporo City announced that in an ongoing effort to create LGBT-friendly workplaces, the city will introduce an “LGBT Friendliness Index” system beginning in October.

Companies will be evaluated according to 7 metrics, such as established anti-discrimination policies or if a company has extended its welfare program to include same-sex partners of employees. Each company will then be given a star ranking and a certificate indicating this recognition. According to the city, Sapporo is the first municipality in the country to introduce such a system.

(Editors Note: Work With Pride, a private organization, created a Pride Index in 2016 that evaluates national corporations.)

In June of this year, the city began recognizing same-sex couples, implementing a “Partnership Oath System”. The “LGBT Friendliness Index” system has been introduced as another measure to foster a deeper understanding of sexual minorities.

 Satisfying at Least 5 Metrics Grants a 3 Star Rating

Other metrics include if a company maintains consultation services or if it has introduced measures that create a favorable environment for LGBT employees and customers.

A company can register as an “LGBT-friendly corporation” if it satisfies at least 1 of the 7 metrics, and it will be assigned a rank of 1 to 3 stars according to the number of metrics it fulfills. Satisfying 5 or more metrics grants a 3-star rating.

Companies will be issued a certificate, and the name of the company and information about the company’s efforts to support LGBT individuals will be displayed on a city website.

The index is intended for local businesses, corporate branch offices, medical institutions, universities, and other such enterprises located in Sapporo City.

Applications will be accepted beginning October 2.

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