“Rainbow March” Held in Sapporo After 4 Year Hiatus

“Rainbow March”, an event created to appeal for a greater understanding of LGBT and other sexual minorities, was held on October 8th in Sapporo City for the first time in 4 years. 450 people of all ages participated, marching through the center of the city and waving rainbow flags for about 30 minutes. 

This event began in Sapporo City in 1996, but as the scale of the event became larger, the burden on the administrative side became heavier, leading to the suspension of the march in 2013. Last November, Moriguchi Tomo currently a 22 year old 4th year college student living in neighboring Ebestu City, made an appeal on twitter, created an executive committee, and organized this year’s event.

Hinata Keiko a 35 year old stylist from Sapporo Nishi-Ku gave her thoughts on the event, saying “I heard that anyone could join whether they are LGBT or not, so I decided to join, and I had a lot of fun.” A 26 year old male university student from Sapporo Higashi-Ku said “Seeing everyone walking though the park was moving.”

Morigiuchi of the executive committee said, “I would like the citizens of Sapporo to see first hand that the are LGBT people living among them.”

Source – <LGBT>レインボーマーチ復活 札幌で4年ぶり

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