Fukuoka Organizations Appeal for Same-Sex Partnership, LGBT Services

On November 13, LGBT Alliance Fukuoka representative Igarashi Yuri and six others met with Fukuoka City Mayor Takashima Soichiro and Councilman Kawakami Shinpei at city hall to deliver a petition appealing for the creation of a partnership system that recognizes same-sex couples. LGBT Alliance Fukuoka consists of 7 Fukuoka City-based organizations working to expand awareness and secure the rights and protections of LGBT individuals. 

Igarashi explained that the population of individuals who identify as LGBT is estimated to be 3~8% and that around 20 countries and regions have introduced systems recognizing same-sex relationships, including six municipalities in Japan. Expressing a desire to “make Fukuoka a city where all people are respected, accepted as citizens and can receive necessary administrative services with peace of mind”, the petition made a total of 7 demands including the introduction of a partnership system and calling on the city to clarity its position (on LGBT), establish consultation services, create measures at educational institutions, protect the rights of citizens in times of disasters, expand awareness-raising activities, and implement a periodic exchange of opinions with related organizations.

Mayor Takashima expressed that the possible implementation of a same-sex partnership system is already under consideration and stated that “In cooperation with the Fukuoka City Council, we would like to receive assistance in our efforts to create a Fukuoka where everyone can live comfortably.”

Source – 「導入を」 LGBTアライアンス代表ら、福岡市長に要望書提出 /福岡

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