NPO Creates Disaster Prevention Guidebook for LGBT

Masataka Masaki of Sexuality and Human Rights Network ESTO, an organization that works to create support for LGBT individuals, announced the “Disaster Prevention Guidebook for Sexually Diverse Individuals”, which was created in consideration of those who identify as LGBT and also to prompt local governments to think about how best to manage evacuation centers and create support for these individuals during a state of emergency.

The guidebook was created in response to the large number of sexual minorities who faced difficulties during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Ten items were included in the guidebook, including difficulties faced by sexual minorities and requests to local governments to improve the situation, including making it easier to consult with evacuation center administration.

Productions costs were raised through crowdfunding, and the organization raised 790,000 yen (7038 USD), exceeding the group’s goal of 690,000 yen (6,147 USD).

One point included in the summary of requests to local governments was for the installation of private shower booths, based on the fact that some individuals could not use male and female designated communal bathing facilities at evacuation centers.

The guidebook also recommended sensitivity training for evacuation center staff to familiarize them with how to properly interact with same-sex couples, transgender individuals, or those whose appearance differs from the sex on their legal documentation.

Masataka, who is 51 years old, said “There are many sexual minorities who live in hiding, and in the event of a disaster, local officials must give thought and consideration to these individuals. In order for everyone to live with peace of mind, I would like these officials to consider how disaster prevention is carried out.”

The guidebook is A5 sized and 28 pages. 1,500 copies have been printed and are being distributed to local governments, LGBT individuals and supporters free of charge.

Source – 避難所運営、性的少数者に配慮を 県内団体がガイド本

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    organization; organization; association

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