LDP Chairman Opposed to Same-Sex Partners at Imperial Banquets

Liberal Democratic Party Assembly Chairman Wataru Takeshita on November 23rd expressed opposition to the idea of same-sex partners of state guests attending imperial banquets hosted by the Emperor and Empress, saying “It does not agree with the tradition of Japan.” The chairman was speaking at a chapter party in Gifu City. 

During his address, Mr. Takeshita first took issue with common-law marriages between heterosexual couples. In regards to when former French President Hollande attended an imperial banquet with his partner, he said “The Imperial Household Agency struggled with how to respond to a woman who is not a wife but a partner of a guest sitting down with the Emperor and Empress.

In addition to this, he said “How do you respond if the partner is of the same sex? I think it is an issue that Japan will have in the near future.”

Source – 「宮中晩餐会の同性パートナー出席、反対」自民・竹下氏

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