News: January 1 – 8, 2017

In the first week of the year, university students appeal for the acceptance of diversity and corporations make finding a home a little more comfortable for sexual minorities. 

Miyazaki University Students Appeal for Sexual Minorities

Miyanichi Press 2018/1/1

Three fourth-year students from Miyazaki University’s Education Department are in the process of creating draft ordinances aimed at making Miyazaki City more comfortable for sexual minorities. 

The group plans to petition for the enactment of these ordinances to the city council in February. The group is listening to the concerns of sexual minorities as it drafts the laws, and said that “We hope that this will lead to a society that doesn’t deny diversity.”

Source – 多様な性尊重を 宮大生3人が条例案

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank to Allow Housing Loans for Same-Sex Couples

Jiji Press 2018/1/4

On January 4th, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank announced that it would revise its policy to allow housing loans for same-sex couples from January.

The definition of “spouse” will be extended to include same-sex partners who live together, allowing them to combine their income when taking out a housing loan.

The policy change is in response to the growing awareness of LGBT individuals.

Source – 三井住友信託銀、住宅ローンでLGBT対応

Miyoshi Real Estate Conducts LGBT Sensitivity Training for Employees

Fukui Shimbun 2018/1/8

While local government and corporate support for sexual minorities continues to grow, Miyoshi Real Estate, a major corporation based in Fukuoka City, has decided to extend its hand as well. 

Following sensitivity training to eliminate prejudices among its staff, the real estate company says it has created a welcoming environment for LGBT individuals at its brokerage stores. The company hopes that many customers will feel that they can consult comfortably with staff.

Source – 住宅賃貸でもLGBT支援、福岡

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